• Nathan - Boss Man

    If anybody asks, this was all his idea. Head Distiller / Janitor. Chief of marketing, research and development.

    Undisputed Mudgee downhill ski and slalom champion.

  • Helen - Boss Lady

    The Boss Lady, Minister for War and Finance. The practical one!

    If you want something done, talk to Helen.

  • Maria - Defence Against the Dark Arts

    Graphic Designer and resident Cocktail Creative. President of the Baker Williams Cosplay club.
    If you need it to look or taste pretty, Maria can make your dreams become reality (within reason).

  • Marni - Global Director of Wholesale

    Does for bar and restaurant mangers what Mary Poppins did for the Banks family. Likes to sing and dance cheerfully while packing orders. When she does, local birds fly into the cellar door and join her chorus. We’ve had to start closing windows during these times, mainly because of the mess they leave behind.

  • Isabel - Moderator of the Vibe

    AKA: Biz, Bizzy, Bizcephalopod. We ask Biz questions like "What are the youth drinking these days?" She rolls her eyes and then tells us in accurate detail. Bless her!

    Biz gives tastings that will be loved equally by your 20 year old sister, and your mum. Rare skills indeed.