Wildcard - Cask Strength 63.5% SOLD OUT

Wildcard - Cask Strength 63.5% SOLD OUT

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Wildcard Cask Strength 63.5% - First Edition

“This is a super fun spirit”

Dave Withers - master distiller
Archie Rose

“a delicious drink...we have a bottle of cask strength put aside”

May Lawrence -
The Gastronomical

Firstly - what is Wildcard?

If you're a whisky, brandy or bourbon lover - then this is right up your alley. A truly unique spirit - neither Brandy nor Whisky, but a serendipitous mix of malt spirit (Barley, Wheat & Rye) and Wine Spirit (Sem, Shiraz, Cab) aged in a virgin Bourbon barrel for 18months. Chestnut to auburn in colour, spiced fruits, brandy sweetness and underlying malt make this truly unique. To maximise flavour we’ve not chill filtered, and kept the proof high.

Wildcard Cask Strength is a limited edition of just 99 bottles, each hand numbered, dated and signed by the distiller & all drawn from a single cask.

Serving Suggestions

  • Serve on the rocks, or a dash of water to taste, as you would with your favourite whisky.
  • Enjoy with good company - or maybe keep it to yourself!

500ml 66.8% ABV. Product of Australia.

Looking for something a little lighter? Try the Wildcard 50% - drawn from the same cask as the cask strength but broken down with local spring water to 50%abv. Click here