Single Barrel Rum - First Release 50% ABV Sold Out!

Single Barrel Rum - First Release 50% ABV Sold Out!

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Single Barrel Rum - 50% abv - First Release

Silver Medal Winner at 2019 Australian Distilled Spirit Awards

"Superb balance, nice grassy cane definition. Excellent lighter style, bottling strength is perfect"

- RASV Judges for the 2019 Australian Distilled Spirit Awards

Born of a chance passing of the Sunshine Sugar Refinery at Harwood in northern NSW.  What started as a spontaneous whim, is now a fantastic product.

We’d thought of running rum but all of the available supplies of Molasses had been sourced from up north (Qld) and we didn’t feel that was right – when a NSW molasses was in sight we had to go for it.

Fermented and distilled in Mudgee, aged in a virgin Bourbon cask for two years, this dark Caribbean style rum is a study in balance.  Sweetness originating from blackstrap molasses carried over from distillation, has been tempered with well integrated but robust american oak.

The aroma is dark caramel, maple and, dare we say, butterscotch.  The flavour is pine needles, dried fruit, orange peel and a subtle nutmeg finish.

Serving Suggestions

            Neat or on the rocks

            While supporting any team from NSW who is playing QLD


500mL 50% ABV. Product of Australia