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Mudgee Shiraz Gin - Second Edition - Limited Release

Mudgee Shiraz Gin - Second Edition - Limited Release

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2022 Australian Distilled Spirit Awards Silver Medal

Visiting us in Mudgee, you'll drive past many a vineyard - once you taste our Shiraz Gin you, like us many wonder why we didn't make this sooner!

For the second time we've been able to shoehorn a small parcel of Shiraz from our fabulous neighbour Mark, (remarkable given that it is usually reserved for one of Mudgee's finest wines) This special shiraz provides a delectably rich base for our second release of Shiraz Gin.

Spicy, brilliantly hued spheres of shiraz were macerated in an epically spice driven gin spirit & left to infuse. The inherent spice in the shiraz has been well supported by soaking in a highly spiced gin – lots of angelica & cassia, pepperberry & cardamom as well as a good dose of juniper & coriander.

The vibrant purple of the grapes has been beautifully transferred from skin to gin over a month or so. The delightful baubles of gin soaked shiraz were then determinedly basket pressed to coax their charge & what evolved is now in this bottle.

Flavour Profile: Shiraz berry sweetness but great balance, spiced and sippable.

Colour: Ruby tending to deep purple. 

Serving Suggestion

Enjoy straight up, on the rocks or with a citrus driven mixer.

500mL  40% ABV Product of Australia
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