Lachlan III Single Barrel Whisky - Cask Strength

Lachlan III Single Barrel Whisky - Cask Strength

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Lachlan III Single Barrel Whisky Cask Strength 68.3% - Our Third Edition of Whisky
136 Bottles Only at Cask Strength
RRP $195

The Baker Williams Distillery team are proud to release Lachlan III, just our 3rd barrel of whisky, aged in small format recoopered 100L ex-bourbon cask.

A full 3 years old, this malt driven whisky is a touch softer than previous releases, presumably a testament to the additional seasons that have crafted the spirit & directed it’s interaction in oak. Over this barrel's journey to the whisky before you, many a summers day has seen temperatures well into the 40°Cs, & substantial contrast of winter mornings well below zero; forcing spirit into the oak fibres on the heat & squeezing it back to the barrel in the subzero cold.

Burnished copper, auburn to chestnut in colour, substantial spice dominates the nose with elements of pepper & allspice, balanced with some sweet mandarin & cumquat citrus & apricot fruitiness alongside some caramel, toffee & cereal notes.

Big Malt, oak & a touch of liquorice with substantial alcohol on the cask strength tastings lend itself to a dash of water.

Every bottle has been bottled by hand, individually numbered, dated and signed by the distiller & all drawn from a single cask.
Serving Suggestions
• Serve on the rocks, or a dash of water to taste, as you would with your favourite whisky.
• Enjoy with good company - or maybe keep it to yourself!
500ml 68.3% ABV. Product of Australia.