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First Release Whisky Barrel Aged Gin

First Release Whisky Barrel Aged Gin

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Whisky Barrel Aged Gin

Silver Medal Winner at 2019 Australian Distilled Spirit Awards

"Lovely Complexity both on nose & palate, beautiful soft wood integration, well balanced and good finish."

- RASV Judges for the 2019 Australian Distilled Spirit Awards

When we emptied the first barrel of our Lachlan single Malt whisky, the smell inside it was too good.  Our thoughts immediately turned to how we could capture the delicious vanillan vapour emanating from it.

We decided on an entirely new style of gin, with a much greater emphasis on spices than the citrus lead Gin XLCR.

The result is Christmas in a bottle.  A kiss of caramel colour and flavour from oak. Notes of cassia, juniper, cinnamon myrtle, and cardamom, all infused in a fluid that will warm your insides better than nanna's pudding.

Serving Suggestions

  • Straight drinking on a small amount of ice
  • In martinis that are only scantily clad in good vermouth
  • A gin old fashioned
  • Underneath mistletoe with the right person

500mL 46% ABV. Product of Australia

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Common Questions

FAQ about Baker Williams' Products

What is this products's shelf life?

We recommend that our drinks are opened within 12 months of purchase, and consumed approximately 6 months after opening.

How do I best store your products?

All our products can be stored safely at room temperature. Best out of direct sunlight and large temperature changes.

I can see bits floating in it. Is that normal?

Yep! Absolutely. We don't really filter things 'round here unless it is absolutely necessary. Settling of particles on the bottom of the bottle is really normal too. That said, If you are ever worried about the quality of things you buy from us, call straight away and let us know.