Rouge Vert Jus

Rouge Vert Jus

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Rouge Vert Jus

Not Vodka, but in most situations, performs better than it!  Our Rouge is made from Robert Stein Semillon and Cabernet Vert Jus, blended with distilled wine spirit.

The Rouge is a blushing pink colour. The aroma is spiritual, promising sweetness, but with a hint of volatile danger. To taste, it makes good on the sweetness of a port/sherry kind, but eventually leaves a clean dry finish. 

Unique Liqueur
Lightly flavoured, this unique liqueur offers well balanced sweetness as a luscious short mixer.

Serving Suggestions

  • On the rocks
  • Double shot RVJ, single shot Vodka, shaken with mint, topped with tonic or soda served in an martini glass
  • Mixed with Gin XLCR for a Mudgee Martini
  • Mixed with Orancello for The Bombira
  • For an interesting twist on a classic try our Rouge Mojito
  • Fresh out of ice cubes? Fill your serving glass with frozen raspberries and top with Rouge Vert Juice for a Rasperry Rouge Two ingredients, too delicious!

500ml 30% ABV. Product of Australia.